Top Quality That’s Built To Last

Top Quality That’s Built To Last

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pay No Interest Ever

Pay No Interest Ever

Custom Designed Just For You

Custom Designed Just For You

Recliners of all styles and sizes The Custom Sofa Centre

At The Custom Sofa Centre we’ve got the right recliner for you. Coming home to a recliner sofa in your living room after a hard day's work, is the perfect way to relax, get comfortable and have some ‘you time’ by putting your feet up. With modern technology, manual and electrical recliners are simple to custom make and design so they can fit perfectly into your family home.

We have over 20 different styles of recliners that can be adapted and tailor made to suit your family and their needs. Whatever colour, style or configuration you like, we’ve got you covered!

Simply visit us in store at one of our locations here in Australia, or simply design your dream recliner couch online in the comfort of your own home.

Leather recliner is a classic staple for all living rooms

What is a recliner? A recliner is a seat that can be pushed back and its front leg rest raised to create a more relaxed position on the sofa. When originally invented the recliner was most popularly used for one seat armchairs.

Recliner chairs come in a vast range of fabrics but are more popular in leather. Old versions of recliners were often referred to as ‘Grandpa’s seat,’ as they were cosy and made it more accessible for movement. Have you ever fought with a sibling when you were younger to get onto your grandparents' recliner first?

Recliner armchair is ultimate relaxation location

So why are leather recliner chairs so popular? The recliner is a simple invention that had a multi-use function, why not have a sofa and a chase chair both in one? The recliner lounge allows you to relax, put your feet up and recharge by simply pressing a button or pulling a handle. Modern recliners at The Custom Sofa Centre are so smooth in engineering and design that the change from upright seated position to full relaxation mode, is an effortless gliding experience.

Now recliners are used for everyone. At The Custom Sofa Centre we have built in recliners that are hidden, creating a nice little surprise for guests and family members when they kick back and relax. Our recliners don’t impact on the design or style, meaning you can have a sofa that looks luxurious, and actually feels luxurious too.

However recliners also have a lot of health benefits for individuals that may need some extra physical support.

Independence - Recliners give you the power and freedom to move in and out of the chair easily. This may seem like a very simple thing for a fully able body, however when you have a disability, pregnancy or a broken leg, mobility is often strained. A simple task of getting in and out of a chair becomes a lot more difficult. Recliners are perfect for people that need a little extra assistance, without a lot of hassle.

Relieves pressure - Not many people enjoy pressure. Neither does the body on its joints or sore points. A recliner allows a floating-like experience that relieves pressure and creates a breather for those seated on it.

Mobility - Recliners help with mobility. Often static positions can lead to stiffness in the body. By simply pressing a button a recliner can move positions, even ever so slightly, to keep blood flow moving and mobility able, so you can actually rest for a longer period of time. Feeling numb or stiff after doing your back out, is not fun.

Comfort - The reason why our grandparents love recliners, and why we now love recliners is comfortability. Because we can now afford them in our homes, recliners are an easy and simple way to get the most out of your family sofa!

There are many different types of recliner chairs that can suit your needs. Electronic, manual and massaging - like the ones often found at airports. At The Custom Sofa Centre we specialise in recliners that feel elegant, modern and stylish. They are often a hidden feature in the chair as a nice little surprise when checking out our sofas. We can adapt the configuration to suit your family size. For example our ultra-plush Broadbeach recliner has 6 seats - perfect for large family gatherings and movie nights in.

Whereas the < ahref="">Hudson Recliner Sofa Set is perfect for the more minimalist style, adding a contemporary touch to any living space. The smaller design and frame make it the ideal sofa set for cosy family rooms, apartments and offices, and you can customise it with a full range of colours and fabrics, to match any of your home interior styles.

If you’re looking for the ultra-modern recliner, it may be good to check out our Inner City Sofa. It is designed for ultimate comfort and lounging, with plenty of space for the whole family, whilst looking chic and expansive. Choose your seating options to fit any room or space, with a modular corner suite and extended chaise. You can personalise it with your own type of recliner and power headrests.

We understand that it may be difficult to find the right company to buy a recliner from. It seems there are so many sofa companies with lots of ongoing sales for recliner chairs for sale cheap, so how do you pick?

Firstly you want to make sure that any recliner is built to last. A recliner has a lot of moving parts so you want to make sure that the company is reputable, looks after its customers properly and only has your comfort and practicality in mind. You want to make sure the company has satisfaction guaranteed and they can custom make your recliner to suit your needs and your home. You can always tell who the most trusted family companies are by whether they offer no interest on payments, and arrange a monthly payment plan that works for you. Ultimately the comfort of your family is their biggest mission.

Here at The Custom Sofa Centre we make sure that we provide the best possible product to our customers, the best possible price and the easiest most efficient form of service.

Recline your way to comfort!


After a long busy day at work, all you need is a good reclining chair to rest your head and legs. Get the affordable and stylish recliner from The Custom Sofa Centre.

After a long busy day at work, all you need is a good reclining chair to rest your head and legs. Get the affordable and stylish recliner from The Custom Sofa Centre.

Relax to the max with the custom-made recliners from The Custom Sofa Centre. Available in fabrics and leathers.

Relax to the max with the custom-made recliners from The Custom Sofa Centre. Available in fabrics and leathers.

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