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Pay No Interest Ever

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Custom Designed Just For You

Sofa tables are easy way to add extra style or storage space

It’s ok if you’ve never heard of a sofa table before. Often people confuse a sofa table with a coffee table that sits in front of your couch. However, a sofa table can sit anywhere in the room, and commonly, many people choose to place them at the back of the sofa. If your sofa is against a wall, however, you can put your sofa table against the wall or as a narrow console table for the hallway. If your home is open panned without walls or separation like a kitchen attached to a living room, sofa tables help create a small divide and add a little extra interior design - as well as being super practical.

Sofa tables are the same height as the sofa, and can be used for a wide variety of things. They usually go directly behind the sofa, or pushed up against a wall close by. They are often long, mirroring the same length as your sofa, and are simple in style and design. That’s why it’s always good to look into custom sofa tables, with a custom sofa design.

Sofa side table to pair with a customized sofa

Here at The Custom Sofa Centre we love any little way to jazz up your home and add something special to the room (with little effort.) When you buy a custom sofa with us we can help create the perfect sofa table that fits the style, size and personality of not only your couch, but your whole home. We make all furniture from the finest material and highest quality machinery with ultimate precision. We have your sofa table covered.

Sofa tables with storage are practical and stylish

Sofa tables are practical as well as stylish. You can dress them so they stand out, or you can use them for a vast array of things that suit your family needs. Here are some examples of how to maximise your sofa table. (See more: Styling a Room)

  1. Use it as a display for ornaments and treasures. If you need a place to put that very expensive fruit bowl or that souvenir your parents gave you from their holiday last year? The sofa table is perfect for dressing up and placing lovely world treasures. It doesn’t matter if your treasure is your third grade trophy for winning that sports day race.

  2. Who doesn’t love extra storage? Cheap sofa tables can be designed with a cupboard inside, so if you need somewhere to store old magazines, or everyday items that always appear on the kitchen table without a proper home, a sofa table is perfect for you.

  3. Avid book reader? If you’re addicted to reading - sofa tables are a great way to store your books as well as a lamp. Sit back on your sofa with a nice cup of tea, your favourite thriller and get lost for the next few hours. Sofa tables can be a home to your most precious stories books.

  4. Key loser? We know a lot of families that are constantly losing their keys, wallets and phones. A sofa table is the perfect community place to store your essentials for a fast pick up, and time saver, when rushing out of the door. Simply buy a bowl that goes on the back of the sofa table for these easy losable items, and if you want to have a lot of fun, make forfeits for family members that forget to put them in the right place.

  5. Plants. Breath life into your room by adding a plant to your sofa table. This is a great way to make your room look more homely and lived in. Don’t forget to water it.

  6. Don’t forget electronics - Ipads, phones, lamps, chargers, kindles and all of the other amazing gadgets that seem to magically appear in your home. A sofa table is a great way to store these items without losing them. The first thing a lot of us do is sit on the couch when we get home and scroll, it’s perfect if there is already a phone charger or your ipad waiting for you.

It is really easy to style a sofa table and make it look special. First simply pick the right material - wood, metal or if you’re feeling adventurous maybe even tempered glass? Then pick the right colour, maybe that means staining the wood darker or going with a bright blue colour to stand out, whatever feels good for you. Then make sure it is the right size and height.

Once you have the right design and size, it’s up to you how you get creative. People sometimes put material on their sofa tables australia and place ornaments on top to make it pop even more. Maybe you prefer a more simplistic approach and basic candles or essential oils are the way to go? Some useful things to consider are a notepad and pen, a phone charger station, some flowers to make the room feel fresh or a bowl for those key essential items.

Head over to The Custom Sofa Centre to check our small sofa tables range. Remember for the perfect fit in style and size, we can simply base a custom sofa table off your custom sofa - easy. We have over a 100 different ranges of sofas and styles including recliners, Chesterfields and TV tables. Simply choose your material, your style and your configuration in 3 simple steps, and we’ll do all the hard work.

For more information on our sofa tables for sale range, visit us online or in store at one of our multiple locations in NSW and QLD. Customising a sofa has never been so easy, with our simple process and vast array of choices, you can select the perfect sofa for your home with your personality and vibe.

We pride ourselves on being an Australian company for Australian families, therefore pick an easy monthly payment plan with no interest. We’re here to provide the best quality manufacturing process for you and your sofa, made with real accuracy and attention to detail, we make your house a home.