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Tan leather lounge a timeless staple for all interior styles

Is there any piece of furniture that is as iconic or classic as a beautiful tan leather lounge? It’s a staple, and a centrepiece for almost any style of interiors. From contemporary, to minimalistic, modern, eclectic or event bohemian, a tan leather sofa never goes out of style.

Custom Sofa Centre has a wide variety of styles available for anyone dreaming of a timeless tan leather lounge for their home, from smaller loveseat type models to a big corner lounge and L shaped sofa. We know how important it is that you love your furniture, and a tan genuine leather sofa is such a classic piece of furniture that you’ll want to keep it in your home for years, from move to move and from house to house. You could even pass it down from generation to generation.

Tan Leather Modular Lounge for all families

Get started with designing your tan leather lounge today. When we think of families and group gatherings, we like to think big! Our tan leather sectional or modular sofa lets you keep building, with corner lounges, chaise, recliners and leg rests, or even add cup holders or USB Ports. But, if you prefer smaller versions, you can go cozy with a 2-seater sofa or loveseat, or even one of our elegant Chesterfield sofas.

If you’re unsure of what your options are, get in touch with our interior design specialists who are the best people in guiding you to choose the best style and size for your customised tan leather lounge. You can also visit one of our showrooms in one of our eight locations to talk to our experts in person and figure out what kind of a configuration you prefer for your perfect tan leather sofa set. Shopping for a customized sofa has never been more simple or more fun than this!

Tan Leather Chaise Lounge - 10 ideas to style yours!

Leather has always been important for humans: in fact, it was one of the earliest materials used for clothing, tools and little items in early societies. Already in ancient cultures people used leather in their furniture; ancient Greeks had four-legged leather chairs, and wealthy Romans had armchairs made of leather. Considering how wide-spread leather couches are these days, you might not have even thought that they used to be a sign of great wealth and power since only the richest members of society could afford enough leather to use for the upholstery of their furniture.

  1. Try different colour combinations

    Thanks to the neutral associations with brown, a tan or beige leather sofa goes great with almost any colour. Some great colours to combine it with include red, navy blue, white, green and orange.

  2. Feel free to mix textures

    Leather is a luxurious material – soft and smooth to touch, exuding luxury and effortless style. Because a leather couch already provides such a sensory experience, it is fun to experiment with different materials that go with it. Pair the tan leather lounge with decorative pillows with a coarse fabric cover or put a soft cotton blanket on the sofa.

  3. Decide on the hue of brown

    While most tan leather couches are warmer colours, you can always pick a shade that is a little bit darker if you want to create a cooler colour scheme in the room.

  4. Condition the whole couch

    Leather furniture needs some maintenance every couple of weeks so you should get a specialised leather treating conditioner to stop your lounge from cracking. When you condition the couch, make sure to wipe every part of it to avoid discoloration! Be sure to check our page on Protecting Leather for more tips, but also be sure to read the care instructions included with the purchase of your sofa.

  5. Let the leather change colour

    If you first purchased a light tan leather sofa recliner but a few years later you’re craving change again, well, you’ve picked a great piece of furniture for that purpose: with leather conditioner, it is possible to darken the shade of tan leather on purpose, and with just a few rounds of conditioning your leather couch could become much darker – like having a completely new couch.

  6. Let the signs of age show

    A tan leather lounge knows a lot about aging gracefully. When you purchase a piece of furniture like this, the durability of the material and its timeless style guarantee that you’ll have it for many years to come – so when life leaves its marks on it and you start noticing darkening colour, worn out spots or other small imperfections – leave them be! Leather only gets better with age, and the signs of wear often just add to the couch’s character.

  7. Paint your walls colourful

    The effect of a modern tan leather sofa really pops against a colourful backdrop! For example, a green wall behind the couch and surrounded by house plants creates a lovely, homely atmosphere, whereas blue makes the room a calm, cozy place to be.

  8. Pair it with white

    Minimalist room design favours white over everything since it often has a freshening, brightening effect. If most of your décor is white, it’s a fun idea to add a contrasting piece – a darker colour couch, for example. Many people find a dark or black couch to be a little too contrasting so a brown couch is a great option for this. The white surroundings really bring out the warm shades of tan leather!

  9. Get crazy with prints

    Brown leather is simple on its own – which gives you full freedom to get as creative with printed materials as you wish. Brown leather pairs especially well with bohemian prints and multi-coloured throw blankets, especially if they’re also in warmer hues like reds, pinks and oranges.

  10. Make brown leather a theme

    Don’t leave your leather couch standing alone. Having a tan leather couch in the living room gives you a great excuse to add other leather details like a chair with a leather seat or a sofa stool and make brown leather the overarching theme in the room.

Here are just a few ideas on how to get started with styling a room with a brown couch but before you do that, make sure that the style of the couch itself is exactly what you want. Design your own custom couch at Custom Sofa Centre with just a few clicks today!


Bring the regal and classic touch into your living room with tan leather sectional sofa from The Custom Sofa Centre

Bring the regal and classic touch into your living room with tan leather sectional sofa from The Custom Sofa Centre

Lend an effortlessly elegant to your living room with this affordable tan leather sofa set from the Custom Sofa Centre

Lend an effortlessly elegant to your living room with this affordable tan leather sofa set from the Custom Sofa Centre

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